A couple of Character-Portraits I designed for a planned but never realized Project at Classics Animated.

"Facing Champlain"

Research and Production Illustrations made for a Stereoscopic Project by the NFB for the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City.

The Elements (trees, rocks, sky, birds etc.) were later assembled along a duo-camera path in AE.

 You can see the movie here (non-stereoscopised web version): EYEWATERINGBEAUTY

More illustrations of the separated elements are HERE.

Walter - Layout Design

Layout Designs for "Walter & Tandoori"-TV

Arthur Designs

Prop and Character Designs for "Arthur" TV-Series

Old Concepts for CBC (Christian Broadcasting)

This was a Christian Pre-PRoduction at Dynomight in Ottawa. My assignment was to design Key Locations. They were later painted in Acrylic. In the hunt for funds the artwork was then used to advertise the project.

Old Concept Sketch (continued)

The idea was to combine all story points in one horizontal flow.


Oil on Wood