The Three Graces

200cm X 150cm

Preliminary sketch.

The Three Graces Aglaea, Euphrosyne
and Thalia are the personifications of beauty,
harmony and grace in greek myhtology.
Most of us are familiar with the hundreds of paintings
and sculptures depicting this myth of eternal youth and harmony.
With my version I took out this myth.

Looking at these images that are hundreds of years old
I came to think.
How would they look like aged?
What would really happen if these three women
were staying together all their lives?
Being in a gentle embrace and holding hands every day,
naked, dancing, singing, reciting poetry ...
At one point they have to get on eachothers' nerves.


Azmodiar said...

On my refrigerator and now the net. Super!

I know your busy but call me sometime. Would like to hear from you.

Phil said...

fantastick work, what else would I expect from you. So I hear you're in Paris, keep up the great work florian.

noon said...

Hi Florian!! this is Anaïs!!! how you doin' mate?
Your paintings are really cool !!!!hope you'll post lots of new works now i'm no longer here to disturb you evry day !!!!
"gros bisous"! ^3^

zébé said...

dis donc espèce de saloupiaud....tu ne t'étais pas venté!!!
ça cartonne tout ça!

Brandon McVittie said...

I still think that this piece is brilliant Florian...
Love it!!!