During my stay in Berlin and Munich I drew hundreds of faces
I observed in the train. Many were just studies.
But sometimes I witnessed very personal and touching
situations. Like the young woman above:
She talked about her friend's deadly car accident.
After she hung up she stared outside the window...
feeling 'empty'.

But most of the time people were just tired.
Either because they were in the state of waking up
or exhausted from a full day of work.

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    noon said...

    your sketches are really charged in emotion!!! and it's cool to have the little story of the character you draw!!! I want to see more drawings!!!!! ^__^ (allez Florian !!!au boulot!!! )

    Brian said...

    i love that yawn

    DaLe said...

    great ones florian! im your new neighbour across the hall, dale, we should go out sketching one day

    justin said...

    hey florian,

    how's it going, man? I just found your blog through Phil's. We might be in Montreal this weeknd actually. Great sketches by the way.


    Emmanuelle.Walker said...

    Super ces etudes de visages! J'adore celui qui baille :)

    Je te dis a bientot au modele!?